Commercial & Retail

The Giants Building at Pacific Bell Park

San Francisco, CA

The Giants Building at Pacific Bell Park, a mixed-use facility that houses Restaurant Twenty Four, the Giantsí offices, and the Giants Dugout Store (EOR)

Pacific Bell Park Central Plant

San Francisco, CA

Central Plant Building for Pacific Bell Park, home of the San Francisco Giants (EOR)

Two Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills, CA

This landmark project located on prestigious Rodeo Drive is a complex four-story moment frame structure situated over three levels of subterranean parking with the building mass bisected by a grand pedestrian street (Via Rodeo) rising from street level at the corner of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way and terminating at the top of a monumental travertine stair leading down to Wilshire Boulevard.

Also, Engineer-of-Record for numerous tenant buildouts at the site for such clients as: Tiffany, Cartier, Sulka, Davidoff, Giorgio, Persol for Max, Jessica McLintock, Etro, and Jose Eber.

San Francisco Centre / Nordstrom

San Francisco, CA

This 750,000 square-foot (seven stories above grade, two below) retail structure consisting of ductile steel moment frame with concrete mat foundation. Significant aspects of the project include: central atrium with spiral escalators (first such installation outside Japan), setback floors on 5th Street and Market sides, truck lifts to basement level loading dock, complex elevator/escalator configurations, BART access.

University Town Center

Santa Cruz, CA

Fast track, design-build five-story steel frame structure located in Santa Cruzís Pacific Garden Mall. The building is designed to house the UCSC (University of California, Santa Cruz) Extension offices and provides living space for students. The bottom floor is retail; the upper four stories blend classroom, office and dormitory space (EOR)

Vallco Park Parking Garage and Pedestrian Link

Cupertino, CA

Three-story, 250,000 square-foot post-tensioned concrete slab and girder, shear wall parking garage located adjacent to ValIco Park Shopping Mall. Structure includes a pedestrian link to adjacent shopping mall. (EOR)

1600 Riviera Office Building

Walnut Creek, CA

Five-story, 150,000 square foot, steel moment frame office building located in Walnut Creekís Golden Triangle area. Structure contained multiple setbacks over a three-story flat slab subterranean parking structure. Exterior clad with precast concrete panels.

Yerba Buena Gardens Office Building

San Francisco, CA

Conceptual design for this 35-story steel moment frame structure designed by Cesar Pelli &Associates, including a connecting seven-story glass enclosed galleria linking the building with the existing Marriott Yerba Buena Gardens and underground parking structure.

Yerba Buena Gardens Visual Arts Center

San Francisco, CA

Engineering design of all miscellaneous steel structures and stairs located in these signature buildings: the Galleries and Forum designed by Fumihiko Maki and the Visual Arts Theatre designed by James Polshek.(EOR)

Cupertino City Center

Cupertino, CA

Four-story 130,000 steel moment-frame office building configured with numerous setbacks and reentrant corners. Exterior clad with GFRC panels.

Dillingham Construction Headquarters

Pleasanton, CA

Four-story structural steel moment frame office building with central courtyard and GFRC panel exterior panel system. (EOR)

Paradise Valley Resort

Paradise Valley, AZ

300-room resort development located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Project included numerous CMU guest buildings, concrete and steel Conference Center, restaurants and enclosed tennis courts.

Vertigo Restaurant

San Francisco, CA

Landmark restaurant located at the base of the Transamerica Pyramid. Renovation included modification of existing mezzanine structure, numerous suspended architecture elements, canopies, and ornate entry structures. (EOR)

West Coast Santa Cruz Hotel Renovation

Santa Cruz, CA

Expansion of the former Dream Inn Hotel and renovation of the restaurant//coffee shop (EOR)

The Gap Store

Pasadena, CA

TI work for the original build out at the historic One Colorado site. (EOR)

Educational Facilities

Parkside Elementary School

San Francisco, CA

New K-6 campus located in the Sunset District of San Francisco. The campus consists of a two-story classroom/admin/library building, a one-story high-bay multi-purpose building, and a stand-alone pre-school cluster. All of the buildings are timber framed on concrete grade beam foundations. Significant features include two-story window walls, complex facade schemes, and numerous retaining structures required due to a 20-foot fall across the site. (EOR)

Patwin Elementary School

Davis, CA

Engineer-of-Record for the award-winning design of this campus including five classroom buildings, an administration building, library, and multipurpose building. The design was featured in Architectural Record.

Brookside Learning Center/Lincoln High School

Stockton, CA

New high school campus with building structures consisting of: the three-story masonry and steel frame Information Technology Center; two-story timber Learning Center with a central two-story Great Hall, two-story steel and timber Student Lodge with a three-story central skylight and chimney stack, three-story masonry and steel Fitness Center, one-story masonry and steel Environmental Resource Center with high bay central clerestory, one-story masonry and steel Business Center, and one-story timber Administration Building.

Intermediate School #8, Santa Ana Unified School District

Santa Ana, CA

New campus with building structures consisting of: a three-story, 200,000 square-foot academic building; a gymnasium; and a one-story, 75,000 square foot Library/Learning Center. All buildings constructed utilizing steel open web joists with metal deck and fill supported on structural masonry shear walls. (EOR)

Burk Hall Addition & Remodel

SFSU, San Francisco, CA

Five-story ductile concrete frame addition to an existing education building. This project included the design of a limited seismic retrofit of the existing concrete classroom building. (EOR)

Physics & Engineering Building

University Of Idaho, Moscow, ID

Four-story, 200,000 square-foot concrete shear wall building with concrete pan joist floors and steel framed roof structure. Exterior walls are highly articulated with concrete and full brick veneer.


North & South Garages

SF International Airport,
San Francisco, CA

Engineer of Record for the structural design of the Pedestrian Bridge between the South Garage and the International Terminal. Also performed the architectural cladding and design for the new North and South Garages. The Pedestrian Walkway is a long-span steel plate girder structure approximately 500 feet in length with a center span of 125 feet, supported by roof level transfer girders spanning between concrete columns supporting the Airport Rail Transit Guideway above. Seismic interaction between the ART structure and the Pedestrian Walkway is controlled through the use of elastomeric bearings and viscous hydraulic dampers.

Rail Transit Maintenance Facility

SF International Airport,
San Francisco, CA

Eccentric steel braced frame high bay maintenance facility serving the SFIA ART system. Also incorporated in the building are the ART Control Center and two stories of employee parking. Design is complicated by the presence of heavily loaded, long span bays at the ART maintenance areas on the top floor of the structure. (EOR)

Boarding Areas A & G

SF International Airport,
San Francisco, CA

Two, three-story, 360,000 square-foot international boarding area buildings with ramp operations on the first floor, arrivals and sterile corridor on the second floor, and departures on the third floor. Engineer-of-Record responsible for the design of the pile foundation, grade beams, ground floor slab, and apron.

Renovation & Rehabilitation

Palace Of Fine Arts / Exploratorium

San Francisco, CA

Performed complete seismic retrofit of this historic high bay steel gable frame exhibition hall. Construction sequencing and scheduling were coordinated to allow facilities to remain open during work. (EOR)

Flood Building Retail Renovation

San Francisco, CA

Retail renovation consisting of removal and replacement of existing ground floor facade of this historic ten-story structural steel building. Scope included significant re-framing of the ground and second floors to accommodate new loading dock, escalators and elevators. (EOR)

Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit

San Francisco, CA

Retrofit design of the North Anchorage Housing and North Viaduct Structure. The anchorage housing is a reinforced concrete structure, measuring 350 feet long, 130 feet wide, and varying from 60 to 110 feet tall. The housing encloses and protects the splayed strands of the main cables at their anchorages, and its roof forms the highway roadbed between the north end of the suspension bridge and the North Viaduct Structure.

School Of The Arts

San Francisco, CA

Developed retrofit strategies for conversion of the historic School of Commerce, built in 1926 into a School of the Arts for the San Francisco Unified School District. It is the only example of Spanish Colonial Revival style in the Civic Center area and contains a large amount of intricate terra cotta cornices, pediments and minarets. It is large building complex with four major components: the Education Wing, a Gymnasium, Nourse Auditorium, and a Library. All structures are primarily reinforced concrete with timber framing used for the roof of the Library Building and steel trusses used in the construction of the roof over Nourse Auditorium.

Ralston Hall

College Of Notre Dame, Belmont, CA

Conceptual design for the seismic retrofit of a three-story, wood frame structure listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Transamerica Building

San Francisco, CA

Responsible for structural design of various tenant improvement and support services for numerous buildings managed by The Transamerica Group, including the Transamerica Pyramid.

Glass Block Square

Sacramento, CA

Renovation to an existing wood bowstring truss, brick warehouse structure converted to office space. Design required introduction of a new mezzanine that required alteration of the existing trusses to provide access.

545 Sansome Street

San Francisco, CA

Renovation of an existing ten-story concrete frame building. (EOR)

Lake Street Banana Republic

Pasadena, CA

Retrofit of this unreinforced masonry building, including the conversion of existing office space to accommodate the expansion of this Banana Republic store.

NASA-Ames Research Center

Moffett Field, CA

Design of numerous structural modifications to existing large-scale wind tunnel building including design of pylon for full-scale aircraft testing, access platforms, stair towers and ceiling suspended support systems. (EOR)

U.S. Coast Guard On-Call

Petaluma, CA

Seismic evaluation and retrofit for several existing reinforced concrete and masonry buildings, using NEHRP standards. The buildings, most originally constructed in the 1950s, included a theater, gymnasium, clubhouse, supply building, and the Base Exchange.

USPS Dollar Ranch

Walnut Creek, CA

Conversion of an existing concrete tilt-up wood frame bank building to a United States Post Office station. (EOR)

Essential Service Facilities

Station #1 Fire House Renovation

Santa Cruz, CA

Project Manager & Engineer-of-Record responsible for the renovation, seismic retrofit and ADA upgrade for this two story 5,000 square foot concrete shear wall with wood gambrel truss roof essential use facility. Originally constructed the 1920ís, the structure is historically significant.

Fire Station & Emergency Communications Center

Beaver Creek, CO

Project Manager responsible for the design of this 20,000 square foot fire station and communications center for the Beaver Creek development. Three-story timber and steel framed structure.

O'Connor Hospital Renovations

San Jose, CA

Project Manager /Engineer-of-Record for numerous remodel/renovation projects at this 500-bed hospital, including: emergency room addition, operating room remodels, maternity ward remodel, nuclear medicine, equipment installation, various mechanical system upgrades, telecommunications system upgrade.

Seton Medical Center Renovations

Daly City, CA

Engineer-of-Record/Project Manager responsible for numerous remodel/restoration projects at this 350-bed hospital, including: nuclear medicine, emergency room remodel, suite renovations, morgue renovation, and various mechanical system upgrades.

VA Outpatient Clinic

Martinez, CA

Project Engineer for this design-build three-story, structural steel braced frame building - responsible for all framing and lateral system design.

VA Medical Center

San Francisco, CA

Project Manager/Engineer-of-Record performing the design and detailing of anchorages for the new CT Scan Unit, Gantry and ceiling-mounted Injector Arm.

KPMC Microwave Repeater Station

Napa, CA

Engineer-of-Record/Project Manager responsible for the structural design of seismic retrofit and modifications to an existing microwave repeater station building serving various Kaiser Permanente Medical Center (KPMC) hospitals.

KPMC Equipment Anchorages

Various Locations

Engineer-of-Record/Project Manager for structural design of various equipment installations, including: nuclear medicine cameras, ceiling & wall-mounted monitors;, mechanical, electrical and communication systems

Industrial & Clean Room Facilities

Zilog Mod 3 Sub Micron Wafer Fab Installation

Nampa, ID

Project Manager in charge of structural design for this 100,000 square-foot, Class 1 facility. Design included long-span steel process enclosure structure with isolated concrete mat supporting a perforated concrete waffle slab process floor.

Hyundai E5 Facilities

Eugene, OR &Seoul, South Korea

Responsible for the structural design of long span truss frame, perforated concrete waffle slab process and plenum floors and mat slab foundation in these Class 1,150,000 square foot facilities.

Seagate Technologies,
Cell 2 Upgrade

Fremont, CA

Project Manager/Engineer-of-Record for the design of upgrades to this existing hard disk platter manufacturing facility. Project included retrofit of existing tilt-up concrete office building to accommodate new Class 10- 1000 manufacturing processes. This required a substantial reinforcement system for the existing roof system to accommodate added mechanical equipment platforms as well as a limited seismic retrofit for the building.

MY BMW / Porsche Maintenance Bldg

Seaside, CA

Masonry repair building with steel half-arch truss roof. Building houses eight maintenance bays, car wash facilities, and employee exercise room and restroom. (EOR)


Mr. McLucas has provided structural engineering for approximately 200 single-family residences,
multi-unit housing and townhouse projects. A sample of this work is presented here:

Omega 3

Engineer-of-Record for design of this large estate located on a steep lot in Mann County. Project includes significant concrete structures pinned into the rock underlying the project site with lighter steel structures juxtaposed over the massive base. Approximate area of the total development is 50,000 square feet.

Yu Residence

Project Manager/Engineer-of-Record responsible for the structural design of this 10,000 square foot two-story split-level structure. The residence is built adjacent to an active fault on site.

Kadivar Residence

Project Manager/Engineer-of-Record responsible for the structural design of this custom residence that is a two-story wood frame with numerous steel frame elements. The house was featured in Interior Design magazine.

Ditmore-Lindemann Residence

Engineer-of-Record for design of this large estate located in the Santa Lucia Preserve development above Carmel Valley. Project includes a 7,000 square foot Main House, 2,500 square foot Caretaker House and 1,500 square foot Horse Stables. The Main House is two-story set into a hill with a walkout lower level. Structure is composed of CMU walls at the base with timber framing above and steel braced frames to resist the high seismic forces resulting from the heavy, mission-style architecture of the building.

Watsonville RDA / Youthbuild Project

Watsonville, CA

Engineer-of-Record for design of this three-story, three unit townhome project developed by the Watsonville Redevelopment Agency. In these all-timber framed structures, steel braced frames are employed at the bottom story to accommodate the two-car garage located under each of the units. The project is being constructed as part of the Youthbuild training program.

Incline Village Condos

Incline, CA

Project Engineer responsible for the design of 40 units of three-story wood frame condominiums set on a steep mountain site. Project required complicated retaining structures and exposed heavy-timber framing.

Woolsey Circle Townhomes

Capitola, CA

Engineer-of-Record for design of this six unit townhome project located above Wharf Road in Capitola. All homes are freestanding, two-story structures supported on concrete mat foundations that were necessary due to arbor concerns. Project also required design of new retaining walls along Wharf Road leading into the project.

Novo-Morgantini Residence

Engineer-of-Record for design of this straw bale house, a single family one story residence with attached garage. This building system was developed by settlers in Nebraska in the late 1800ís, and has been adapted to utilize modern building techniques to achieve a safe and energy efficient structure.

Transportation Projects

Alameda Corridor - L.A. River Bridge

Los Angeles, CA

The Alameda Corridor is a $2.4 billion, 20-mile-long rail cargo expressway linking the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles to the transcontinental rail yards near downtown Los Angeles. It is a series of bridges, underpasses, overpasses and street improvements that separate freight trains from street traffic and passenger trains, facilitating a more efficient transportation network. Mr. McLucas was the Project Manager responsible for the independent check of this two span steel bridge crossing the Los Angeles River with a total length of 430 feet. The superstructure posed unusual challenges, as it is built on a horizontal curve and bears on skewed abutments and center piers.

Inbound/Outbound Ramps & Structures

SF International Airport, San Francisco, CA

Engineer-of-Record for the analysis and design of the southbound US 101 Offramp Flyover at the San Francisco International Airport interchange. The southbound US 101 Offramp Flyover is a 2023-foot-long, 41 .3-foot-wide, two-lane structure. Seven spans are conventional reinforced concrete at 110 feet each and five spans are prestressed, post-tensioned concrete with a maximum span of 246 feet over U.S. Route 101. The post-tensioned frame has a 79 degree, 425-foot radius curve. The substructure of the bridge is single-column bents founded on prestressed concrete pile foundations. Scope of work included seismic analysis and retrofit strategy for the as-built structure as well as the structure with a planned widening.

Peer Review & Studies

Z.J. Loussac Library Review

Anchorage, AK

Performed peer review of a three-story, concrete shear wall structure with steel frame floors and roof. Scope of work included evaluation of original structural design, assisting Engineer-of-Record with evaluating details, and developing seismic force resisting systems.

Elihu Harris State Office Building

Oakland, CA

Performed peer review and value engineering for this 22-story design-build steel office building.

East Hall, UC Davis

Davis, CA

Performed peer review for this three-story steel braced framed building with gabled wood roof supported on a concrete pier foundation system. The gravity system consisted of a metal deck with concrete fill supported on steel framing.

Anchorage Historic & Fine Arts Museum

Anchorage, AK

Performed peer review of a three-story concrete waffle-slab structure.

Grace United Methodist Church

Santa Cruz, CA

Performed review of structure damaged by a major fire to determine feasibility for salvage and reconstruction.